Are Dental X-rays Dangerous?

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Are Dental X-rays Dangerous?

Dental X-rays are very safe!

I still get this question from time to time, and the truth of the matter is dental x-rays are very safe. A typical check up set of four bitewings is about 0.005 mSv, which is less than the amount of background radiation from the environment that you would be exposed to in a single day.  A digital panoramic x-ray is around 0.020 mSv.

Just for comparison,  A chest x-ray is 0.1 mSv, And a flight from London to Los Angeles is 0.080 mSv.

The American National Standards Institute/Health Physics Society’s standard annual dose limit is 250000 mSv over a 12-month period so you can see that you would have to have a LOT of dental x-rays taken to even come close to that recommended limit.

So You can rest assured that dental x-rays are very safe!

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