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Do I Have To Floss?

Most people don’t floss

The truth is, most of my patients don’t floss in spite of the fact that we as dental health providers keep harping on the importance of flossing.  It is no exaggeration that brushing alone will not adequately remove all the plaque that has built up on your teeth.  This is because there are areas in your mouth in between your teeth that the bristles of the tooth brush simply cannot physically reach to clean out the built up debris.

But there are some pretty good alternatives to flossing

So if you are one of those individuals who is not going to floss for whatever reason, there are some decent options that will go a long ways towards better oral health.  There are toothpicks, and toothpick-like devices that you can use to clean in between your teeth.   There are also some nice tech gizmos on the market, such as the Air Floss, a device that shoots a burst of water and air mixed together to be aimed in between the teeth, and my personal favorite, the Waterpick, a device that shoots a steady jet stream of water in between the teeth.

Honestly i’m not going to get upset if my patient admits to not flossing.  As long as they are brushing properly, and they are using some device to clean in between their teeth, I think they already are doing enough to maintain their oral health

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